Admission-related enquiries

Students who fail to meet the conditions of their offer when they receive their official high school examination results will be deemed to have not met the conditions of their offer. In this instance, the offer is lost (as the conditions have not been met) and we will refund all monies paid to RCSI in full. There is no opportunity to appeal the decision with RCSI.

Students may however appeal their examination results with their school or ministry of education (whichever is responsible for providing the examination results). If this appeal is successful and you then meet the conditions of the offer, your offer will be reinstated. It is important to note however, that if the appeal and a reassessment of your results takes time, you may be prevented from joining this year if your arrival is significantly delayed.

If you cannot produce evidence of your scholarship status, e.g. an official government scholarship letter or financial guarantee, you will be required to pay your tuition fees prior to registration, which RCSI will reimburse as soon as your scholarship is confirmed. Alternatively, you can opt to be placed on the waitlist and not pay your fees until such time as your scholarship has been confirmed. Please email for further details on this.

It is not possible to request a change to your six-year offer unless you have met or exceeded the minimum academic requirements for the five-year medicine programme. Due to the competitive nature of five-year medicine entry, prediction or attainment of minimum academic requirements may not be sufficient to secure an offer.

It may, however, be possible to change your five-year offer to a six-year offer but you will need to provide valid reasons for the move and the change is not guaranteed and will depend on availability of seats on the six-year programme at the time of the request.

Deferral requests based on COVID-19 restrictions, which are outside of the student’s control, will be dealt with by the Admissions Office on a case-by-case basis, later this summer. COVID-19-related deferral requests will take priority over requests to defer for other reasons. Please note that RCSI does not offer deferrals to students who simply change their minds in advance of the registration date.

Orientation and registration takes place at the start of your course and will be delivered online this year during the first two weeks of the progamme. It comprises a series of introductory lectures which will lay the groundwork to ensure that you are fully appraised of all academic and non academic matters, to allow you to flourish as a student in the University.

The full details of orientation and registration, and indeed the academic and non-academic timetables for the first two weeks, is currently being developed and will be made available to you in the third and final version of the information pack. In the meantime, for more information on the registration process, please read pages 13 and 14 of the Information Pack below.

Information Pack 2020 PDF | 2734.6 KB

If you wish to speak to an alumnus of RCSI practising in your home country/city and/or in a certain specialty, please email with your request and we will work with our colleagues in the Alumni Office to see if this is possible.