Associate Members

The Fellows and Members Office aims to launch Associate Membership as an additional category in 2020.

Associate Membership will offer access to RCSI Membership communication channels including e-newsletters and print publications, along with global networking opportunities and access to other RCSI facilities.

Proposed pathways to Associate Membership

Associate Membership may be of particular interest for:

  • Medical students with an interest in pursuing a career in surgery
  • Surgical trainees prior to successful completion of MRCS exam
  • Members of the surgical care team who are not surgeons, but are interested in keeping abreast of surgical news, events and research
  • Surgeons who do not wish to be affiliated with RCSI through Fellowship or Membership, but wish to maintain a relationship with the College and receive surgically relevant communications

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member of RCSI, contact us to register your interest.