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Positive Health Coaching

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Entry requirements

This MSc in Positive Health Coaching involves modules on the biological underpinnings of health and lifestyle medicine. Topics include the science of sleep, eating well, daily activity, stress, the negative impact of smoking (including e-cigarettes) and alcohol consumption as well as the basic biology and impact of chronic inflammation and the gut microbiome on health. Therefore, it is necessary that successful candidates have a basic understanding of human biology. 

It is also desirable that successful candidates have experience engaging with clients or patients in a supportive environment (clinic, community care, private practice etc.). 

To be eligible for the programme you must:

  • Be working in a relevant sector (e.g. healthcare, allied health, management or equivalent) with coaching experience. 
  • Hold a level 7 or level 8 degree, or equivalent in a health-related area (medicine, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, etc.) and have an understanding of the biology that underpins health. 


  • Hold a level 7 or level 8 degree, or equivalent in a psychology-related discipline (e.g. clinical psychology) and have an understanding of the biology that underpins health, as part of undergraduate or postgraduate training.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

If you do not have an undergraduate degree at level 7 or above you may still be eligible to apply through recognition of prior learning (RPL). RPL is the assessment of knowledge, skills and competence previously acquired.

Learning occurs in many contexts which include work, involvement in social and community activities, or learning through life experience generally. RPL does not give credit for experience as such; rather it considers the learning that was acquired as a result of the experience.

RPL may be used to gain:

  • Admission to courses/programmes where a person may not have obtained the standard entry requirements.
  • Exemptions from course modules which duplicate the learning outcomes an individual has already demonstrably acquired through prior learning.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) pathway is outlined here.

If you wish to apply for recognition of prior learning, please complete the essay requirement as per assignment descriptor outlined in the document below.

Recognition of Prior Learning - essay requirement PDF | 671.5 KB