RCSI recognises the importance of ensuring that our websites are accessible to all users, regardless of ability. We are committed to achieving conformance to level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 – we are currently essentially compliant at level A standard.

The RCSI suite of websites are continually being updated and our accessibility requirements are at the forefront of all new development work. We strive to ensure our updates conform with these guidelines and with those of the National Disability Authority IT Accessibility Guidelines.

To this end:

  • All front-end development work is completed to ensure compatibility with multiple devices and screen readers. The standards supported by RCSI are therefore HTML 5 and CSS3.
  • Site navigation is clearly displayed via a breadcrumb and users can navigate using keyboard only.
  • Our websites use semantic markup – h1 tags are used for page headers, h2 and h3 for sub headings.
  • All forms have validation to ensure the right data is being recorded in full to avoid errors.
  • There is no flashing animations.
  • All website editors and publishers are trained on creating accessible content in line with level AA of WCAG 2.2.

Improving accessibility

  • We are working with colleagues across RCSI on an ongoing basis to improve our level of compliance and address the following:
  • Converting inaccessible PDF and Word documents to HTML pages.
  • Avoiding the use of infographics.
  • Ensuring video content is captioned as standard.

If you encounter any difficulties using this website or would like to provide feedback, please let us know by emailing us at: