Positive Health Coaching

Positive Health Coaching

Positive health

Fees and funding

EU applicants

Year 1: €6,250

Year 2: €6,250

Non-EU applicants

Year 1: €12,500

Year 2: €12,500

 Year 1  Date  EU Non-EU
 1st payment On acceptance of offer  €2,000  €4,000
 2nd payment 1 November 2023  €2,000   €4,000
 3rd payment 1 March 2024  €2,250  €4,500

Please note

  • The fee includes all resources, access to our award-winning online learning portal and access to extensive RCSI-only databases.
  • The fee includes NUI fee.
  • The fee is payable via the above schedule, where relevant.
  • If you have outstanding fees you will not be entitled to receive your grades or be eligible to progress and or graduate (VLE and Library privileges will be withdrawn in these cases).
  • RCSI accepts no obligation to refund any fee, or part thereof, in respect of a student who chooses to withdraw from a programme.
  • If you choose to withdraw from a programme you are liable for full fees owed for the seat on that programme.
  • All NUI parchments are issued in Latin; you will be required to pay an additional fee of €50 to NUI if you wish to have a parchment published in English.
  • Fees are subject to review annually.
  • If you are being sponsored or funded by your employer you should upload a funding confirmation letter in the document upload section on the application portal. A template is available below to download at your convenience.

For more information please visit our Postgraduate fees policy.

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