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Positive Health

Positive health

Why study positive health at the RCSI Dublin?

The RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences is one of the world’s leading educational institutions in medicine and the health sciences. Today, the RCSI is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide and is ranked first in the world for 'Good Health and Well-being Impact' (Times Higher Education Rankings 2020).

The RCSI Centre for Positive Psychology and Health, established in 2019, is the first of its kind globally that integrates the emerging scientific discipline of positive psychology into lifestyle and integrative medicine. The Centre provides evidence-based resources to help enhance understanding of the critical role that behaviour plays in optimising health and well-being. In particular, we are very interested in how the mind, brain and body interact in the context of maintaining health and wellness.

The Centre’s Faculty is actively engaged in research the aims of which are to understand brain-body systems in health and disease and to apply the principles of positive psychology to optimising well-being in the healthcare, educational and corporate sectors. The Faculty is also experienced in research and practice in psychology, immunology, pharmacology, physiotherapy, coaching, and lifestyle and integrative medicine.