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Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs in Healthcare and Science

Healthcare leadership and management

What is an RCSI Online micro-credential course?

Whether you're looking to enhance your knowledge in a specific healthcare related field, acquire new knowledge and expertise, or stay updated with the latest healthcare advancements, RCSI Online micro-credential courses offer a convenient and reputable pathway to achieve your learning goals and credit bearing qualification.

An RCSI Online micro-credential is a focused, flexible course that allows learners to gain specialised knowledge and skills in a specific healthcare related topic. These courses are designed to be short in duration making them an ideal choice for busy healthcare professionals. Micro-credentials are awarded following assessment of learning outcomes and can also be accumulated to build towards larger awards.

RCSI Online's micro-credential courses are delivered entirely online, providing learners with the convenience of accessing high-quality education from anywhere in the world. Each course is carefully crafted to provide in-depth insights, practical expertise, and internationally recognised ECTS credits upon successful completion. They are an excellent way to upskill, advance your career, or explore a new area of interest.

Why Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs in Healthcare and Science?

Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs in Healthcare and Science aims to guide learners on a transformative approach that adopts and applies innovative problem-solving skills in the context of the healthcare and science industries. The course aims to equip learners with a powerful toolkit to drive positive change, tackle complex challenges, and develop innovative solutions in these critical fields.  

Learners will have an opportunity to explore a more holistic and adaptive approach to responding to complex healthcare systems, patient needs, and scientific research. This approach focuses on innovative problem-solving, addressing challenges in the healthcare sector, while simultaneously fostering the development of products, services, and strategies that benefit the entire healthcare ecosystem. Whether you aim to create patient-centric healthcare solutions, revolutionise scientific research methodologies, or enhance the delivery of healthcare services, this programme empowers you to navigate the complex challenges of healthcare and science with creativity, empathy, and resilience. 

Prepare to embark on a journey where innovation meets impact, transforming healthcare and science for the better. 

Follow in the path of former students who have embraced 230 years of teaching excellence.

Driven by the promise of 'leading the world to better health', RSCI has been at the forefront of international healthcare education since our establishment in 1784, and we have a worldwide reputation for delivering excellent undergraduate and postgraduate health professions education.

RCSI's singular healthcare focus is evident through all our postgraduate programmes, offering innovative, insight-rich and immersive development opportunities for both current and future leaders in healthcare.