Staff and students of all ages are of equal value to the RCSI community, and the University promotes positive ageing and inter-generational learning in various ways.

Mature students

To be considered as a mature student you must also be an EU applicant. Applicants must be 23 years of age on or before 1 January in the year in which they will be enrolling in the course to be deemed eligible for mature entry. There are 15 mature entry places available for the Undergraduate Medicine programme.   

Retiring/retired staff

RCSI liaises with the Retirement Planning Council of Ireland to offer employees the option to avail of a retirement course in advance of their leaving date. Retired staff currently maintains their connection with RCSI, and with each other, through informal networks.

Local senior citizens

RCSI hosts an annual event for local senior citizens. The event is for senior citizens living in the catchment area of the University and sees active retirement and community groups from across the south east inner city come together for a night of music, memories and dancing.

Ballroom of Romance 2018