Round table conversation amongst healthcare workers

Advanced Clinical Practice

Surgery and medicine

The MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice aims to give clinicians in training and in practice, the opportunity to explore areas of professional development that are not traditionally addressed in current higher specialist training programmes.

Scholars will be enabled to develop practical research skills and also be taught through a diverse menu of modules that we believe address the professional needs of modern clinical practice.

This programme provides the opportunity to learn and test skills required for modern medical practice management be it sole trader, clinic or hospital-based. The provision of highest standard tutors ensures the candidate is provided with the contemporary standards required for current and future practice.

Dr Aidan Hennigan, Class of 2023, MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice
Richard Farnan

"I am enjoying my time on the programme as it provides a blended learning approach, including in-person and distant styles. It exposes us to the basic principles involved in teaching and learning and also gives a flavour of the med tech industry."

Dr Richard Farnan, Current scholar 2023-2025, MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice