Infection Prevention and Control Nursing

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Healthcare-associated infections (HCAI) are recognised as a major burden for patients, society and healthcare management. More than four million people acquire a healthcare-associated infection each year in the European Union (EU), of which approximately 37,000 die as the direct consequence of the infection.

In tandem with these ongoing issues, we have a growing risk of the global spread of infectious diseases and an ever-increasing resistance to antibiotics.

The one-year part-time Postgraduate Diploma in Infection Prevention and Control Nursing is an exciting and highly clinically relevant programme delivered by some of the best infection prevention and control professionals in Ireland.

This programme aims to provide students with expert knowledge and provide assistance and guidance in developing the skills and practical experience that will form a strong foundation for their journey towards expertise in the field of infection prevention and control.

Guided by the core competencies of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC 2014) this programme provides a foundation for the clinical expertise needed by infection prevention and control professionals to guide our practice, educate, monitor standards, challenge, lead and progress preventative strategies.

Course code: C10681

Learning outcomes 

This programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to critically:

  • Evaluate infection prevention/control guidelines
  • Discuss the principles of microbiology in the prevention and control of infection.
  • Devise and update infection prevention/control guidelines based on National and International standards.
  • Evaluate administration and management systems for infection prevention/control, including strategic planning for the infection prevention and control service.
  • Evaluate the use of information technology in the development and updating of infection prevention/control guidelines and procedures.
  • Discuss the principles preventing the spread of infection within the hospital and community.
  • Discuss with the methods of investigating and controlling an outbreak of infection.
  • Discuss with the use of surveillance methods in infection prevention/control.
  • Discuss surveillance and the investigation of relevant infections.


You are required to attend University three days per module. All other lectures are offered online so that you can access them from home.  

Between the annual study blocks, you will be supported by a programme tutor, a programme coordinator and a programme director. The online information and resources are regularly updated for students to access through a virtual learning environment (VLE). 

The programme modules are:

Module name Credits Assessment method
Advanced Research Methods 10 Assignment
Advanced Leadership - Professional & Clinical 10 Assignment

Professional Critical Reflexivity and Competence

10 Assignment
The Microbiological Basis for Infection Prevention and Control in the Healthcare Setting 10 Examination
Principles of Infection Control 10 Assignment
Managerial Issues in Infection Control 10 Assignment

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