Medical Nursing

Nursing and midwifery

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Continuing professional development is a key professional requirement for nurses and postgraduate academic qualifications have been linked to positive patient outcomes through improved communication, expanded knowledge and stronger critical thinking skills.

This programme aims to support practitioners in practicing at an enhanced level, taking cognisance of the changing provision of healthcare both in acute medical and primary community and continuing care (PCCC) settings.

Flexibility within the programme allows the student to choose three optional modules most suited to their clinical setting and professional development needs and provides a platform for achieving greater efficiencies in applying healthcare discoveries to clinical practice.

Successful completion of the programme will equip students with the required skill set to perform their roles in a quality based, consistent and efficient manner.

Furthermore, following successful completion of this programme you can progress to the Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Nursing.

Course code: C1209A

Learning outcomes

A digitally-led, blended learning approach is utilised in this programme to promote lifelong learning and professional development for all nursing staff caring for patients in medical settings. All theoretical content is delivered online either asynchronously or synchronously with weekly live online expert or tutorial sessions.

At the end of the programme you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of a comprehensive range of knowledge in the field of medical nursing.
  • Articulate a critical awareness of the latest evidence-based knowledge in the field of medical nursing.
  • Take significant responsibility for the work of individuals and groups and initiate and lead activity in the field of medical nursing.


Students choose three modules from the following:

Managing the Deteriorating Patient, Advanced Practice in Chronic Illness Management – Long-term Conditions, Principles of Infection Prevention and Control, Health Promotion and Behavioural Science, Advanced Concepts in Wound Management and Tissue Viability, Advanced Systematic Assessment and Case Management, Biopsychosocial Perspectives of Older Persons: A Person-Centred Model of Care, Dementia and Mental Health Disorders in Older Adults, Contemporary Issues, Legislation and Quality Improvement in Older Persons Services, Biological Science and Patient Assessment in Respiratory Care, Enhanced Care of the Respiratory Patient New Module, Critical Issues in the Assessment and Management of Individuals with Leg Ulceration and Lymphoedema, Critical Issues in the Assessment and Management of Individuals with Pressure Ulcers and Diabetic Foot Ulcers, The Microbiological Basis for Infection Prevention and Control in the Healthcare Setting, Managerial Issues in Infection Control.

Note: The availability of these modules will be timetable dependent.