Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

Nursing and midwifery

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The Postgraduate Diploma in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing will prepare you to exercise an advanced level of clinical judgment and practice – beyond what is required of a registered general nurse (RGN) – in your specialist area of neonatal intensive care.

The programme aims to assist you in taking a leading role in advancing and developing nursing and midwifery in this area, and effecting policy change in professional practice and health service provision.

The programme is delivered part-time over one year; with an option to complete the programme over a period of up to three years if necessary.

Once you have successfully completed this postgraduate diploma you may decide to progress to Year 2 of the Masters in Science (MSc) Nursing, in your chosen specialist area.

Course code: C10801

Learning outcomes

This programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Demonstrate advanced new-born resuscitation techniques.
  • Compare and critically evaluate the management and nursing care (in relation to the pathophysiologies studied) provided for the ill term neonate, and underpin practice with relevant research.
  • Evaluate the immediate nursing care required and long-term management that neonates with specific congenital anomalies may require.
  • Relate the birth of an infant with a congenital anomaly to the impact on the infant’s family and explore ways in which a supportive environment can be created within a neonatal unit.
  • Critically assess, plan, implement and evaluate care of the sick preterm infant.
  • Explore how preterm birth affects an infant's adaptation from the intra-uterine to the extra-uterine environment.


A blended learning approach is utilised in this programme, to promote lifelong learning and professional development for all nursing staff.

The programme modules are:

Module name Credits Assessment method
Advanced Research Methods 10 Assignment
Advanced Leadership - Professional & Clinical 10 Assignment
Professional Critical Reflexivity and Competence
10 Assignment and clinical portfolio
Nursing care of the ill Term Infant 10 Assignment and examination
Nursing care of the Infant with a Congenital Anomaly and the Bereavement Process 10 Examination
Nursing Care of the Pre-Term Infant 10 Assignment and oral presentation