Neurology and Gerontology


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This unique two-year part-time MSc programme aims to develop your professional knowledge base, skills and understanding, required to fulfil a role in the rehabilitation of neurological and elderly patients in the context of changing healthcare services.

Lecturers are experienced clinicians from a range of disciplines who promote interdisciplinary learning and practice. 

On successful completion of Year 1 of the programme, you will be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Neurology and Gerontology (60 ECTS).  

If you wish to gain an MSc (90 ECTS), you may continue your studies in Year 2 of the programme, in which you will undertake a module in Advanced Research Methods and complete a dissertation in the area of neurology and gerontology.

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Year 1 (Postgraduate Diploma)

(10 ECTS)

This module will develop your knowledge in the area of neuroscience and will underpin clinical reasoning in the management of people with neurological conditions and older adults.

(10 ECTS)

This module will provide you with an advanced knowledge of current neuro-rehabilitation practice and develop your critical and analytical thinking processes when applying and developing treatment approaches for people with neurological conditions.

(10 ECTS)

This module will advance your knowledge of contemporary major issues in gerontology and the application of this knowledge to your work settings.

Stroke Rehabilitation – optional module
(10 ECTS)

This module will develop your knowledge in the area of stroke rehabilitation and will underpin clinical reasoning in the management of stroke patients.

Evidence-Based Practice and Healthcare Management
(10 ECTS)

Evidence-based practice (EBP) in healthcare ensures that clinical decision-making through to policy decision making, is informed by best available evidence, so the development of literature searching and critical appraisal skills is considered crucial to this and all modules. The healthcare management component will provide you with an overview of the current climate in which the Irish healthcare system is operating, with an emphasis on the configuration, delivery and evaluation of high quality healthcare services.

Research Methods
(10 ECTS)

Postgraduate Diploma students who undertake this module will, in designing a protocol, gain a much deeper understanding of the research process. This module will prove particularly useful for students who go on to undertake the project in Year 2.

Physical Activity and Health Behaviour Change in Clinical Populations - optional module
(10 ECTS)

The module is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge of the psychology of health behaviour change with a particular emphasis on the promotion of physical activity in those with long-term conditions.

Year 2 (MSc)

Advanced Research Methods
(10 ECTS)

This module is designed to equip you with the advanced practical skills of data management and presentation as you concurrently undertake you chosen research project. 

(20 ECTS)

You will develop, and fully execute, a research project based on your own research idea. This will extend your knowledge base of research methodologies to a related area of practice in neurology and gerontology.


Your learning on each module is assessed by one of a number of methods, including coursework assignments, research proposal and research dissertation.