Neurology and Gerontology


Your future

Higher professional qualifications are an essential element of continuous professional development and career advancement. This MSc is particularly suitable for those who want to assume a management and leadership position in the care of older people and neurological rehabilitation. 

On completion of this course you will: 

  • Gain knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of key topics required to practice in neurological and older person rehabilitation. 
  • Have knowledge and skills in the application of research processes and scientific methodologies to inform evidence-based practice in rehabilitation. 
  • Be able to apply the knowledge of the research processes while conducting original research in a related area that is of a standard suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. 
  • Demonstrate critical reflection and evaluation of clinical practice in the context of a changing health care setting; developing a foundation for on-going continuing professional development.
  • Have the skills to act as a leader and innovator in neurological and gerontological rehabilitation. 
Fiona Kennedy

"I reflect upon the MSc in Neurology and Gerontology programme in the RCSI School of Physiotherapy as a pivotal point in my career. I found the lecturers and RCSI staff and facilities provided a positive and supportive environment."