Physician Associate Studies

Physician associates

Why Physician Associate Studies at RCSI Dublin?

Physician associates (PAs) are highly-skilled healthcare professionals who provide a broad range of medical services in a wide variety of workplaces (including all types of hospital and surgical care, GP practices and community health services).

PAs support doctors and surgeons in the diagnosis and management of patients and are trained to perform several roles, including taking medical histories, performing examinations, making diagnoses and analysing test results.

If you are a graduate of the health sciences, and you want to pursue a career that offers you the opportunity to provide patient-focused care in a wide variety of healthcare settings, Physician Associate Studies at RCSI is for you.

This fast-paced two-year Masters programme has a balance of theory and practice, so your focus is on the patient from day one.

Learn more about our new remote learning option

We are currently in our first academic year of our new remote/hybrid model of the Physician Associate Studies programme that provides the equivalent educational experience as our Dublin-based course. This allows a selected number of students (depending on their geographical location) to remain in their home communities to complete the programme. Thus, making it more affordable (no relocation costs) whilst promoting a new philosophy of partnering with local communities to grow their health workforce.

Students will still be required to attend Dublin-based activities such as induction and pre-scheduled skills training sessions not to exceed two days per month. Commencement on the hybrid programme is subject to successful completion of the admissions process and commitment and confirmation from 'clinical partners' to provide local placements in hospitals and GP settings. 

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Key features of the programme

  • The programme is shaped and delivered by PA clinicians with over 35 years' experience
  • You are mentored by qualified PA clinicians in clinical practice areas
  • You have access to clinical specialities across hospitals and communities
  • You have access to world-class simulation facilities in 26 York Street

School of Medicine

The Physician Associate Studies programme is run by staff from the RCSI School of Medicine; Ireland's largest medical school and one of the most international medical schools in the world.

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