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While all PA students hold a foundation degree in health science or a science-related area, they come from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Some have previously worked in healthcare, others are from a purely academic background, and all find life as a PA student equal parts demanding and fulfilling.

If you’re interested in a career as a PA and playing a central role in patient care, read and watch some of our current students and graduates stories below and find out first-hand about day-to-day life as a PA.

Discover the positive impact of physician associates in Irish healthcare:

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Ciara Melia

"... I had previously been working as a medical secretary. I really enjoyed the patient interaction but felt I wanted to be more involved in patient care ..."

Kyra O'Dwyer

"I have always been interested in caring for people and I knew I wanted to join a medical profession. The physician associate role is perfect for me."

Kellie Nwaokorie

"To be truly successful as a PA student you have to be willing to put in the work, be dedicated, diligent and always ready to learn.”

Alex Troy

"I really loved interacting with different patients from different backgrounds when I was out on placement [as part of the programme] ... I'm grateful for my job as a physician associate, every day is different."