Basic Surgical Skills


This course has been designed to introduce NCHDs – interested in a career in surgery – to safe surgical practice within a controlled workshop environment. It aims to teach, assess and certify the ability to use safe surgical techniques that are common to all forms of surgery.

You will take part in small group workstations to focus on basic skills and techniques. You will also experience hands-on practice with review sessions to consolidate skills.

The course covers content on three main areas:

Open surgery
  • The practice and safe operating techniques, gowning and gloving
  • Understand handling of surgical instruments 
  • Understand and practice suturing techniques
  • Understand and practice of safe surgical knots 
  • Understand the principles of tissues and wound management 
Endoscopic surgery
  • Introduction to endoscopic surgery
  • Understand the differences between open and endoscopic surgery
Laparoscopic surgery
  • Understand the principles behind the practical and safe use of laparoscopic instrumentation

Course director

  • Professor Francis Cunningham, Postgraduate Surgical Education and Surgical Skills Tutor.

Payment policy

Payments for this course must be made by credit card only. CPD-SS vouchers cannot be applied at the checkout for this course, as this course is not offered as part of the CPD Support Scheme.