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Collaborating to support youth mental health

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Working to prevent and respond to early signs of poor mental health amongst young people is crucial to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

An estimated one-in-two young people will experience significant issues affecting their mental health by the age of 25 years, with one-in-three by the age of just 13. Often, they experience these issues in silence. This was one of the many finding of the RCSI Psychiatric Epidemology Research Across the Lifespan (PERL) Group in its 2013 report 'The Mental Health of Young People in Ireland'.

As part of the PERL Group's continued work in this area, in 2019 researchers from RCSI collaborated with the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), and the HSE to create an animated series of videos highlighting the real-life experiences of young people and the issues affecting their mental health.

To maximise the impact of the animations, the scripts were drawn directly from the real responses of young people in Ireland who participated in a RCSI research study.

Watch the depression animation

Watch the anxiety animation

Watch the bullying animation

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