Impacting the evolution of healthcare leadership in the United Arab Emirates

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Over 260 healthcare professionals working at SEHA – the UAE’s largest healthcare network – have participated in a series of digitally-enhanced development programmes over the last six months, led by the Graduate School of Healthcare Management at RCSI.

SEHA is committed to continuous improvement of customer care to recognised international standards and providing the community with world-class healthcare. SEHA operates 13 hospitals with 3,385 beds, 70 ambulatory care, family care and urgent care centers and two blood banks. Its facilities accommodate 117,162 inpatients annually and conduct 43,262 surgeries, as well as treating more than five million outpatients.

Designed in response to the dynamic and ever-evolving healthcare sector – and the importance of impactful leadership in healthcare organisations – the GSM programme series was designed to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop high-performing teams, influence change and improve performance and quality within healthcare systems – a toolkit never more vital than during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Programme participants engaged in topics such as:

  • leading transformational change
  • performance management for healthcare providers
  • resource management to improve efficiency
  • strategic management in healthcare
  • project management skills for healthcare professionals
  • risk management.

These programmes were heavily over-subscribed, with over 1,000 expressions of interest for only 60 places on each programme.

The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging, with over 95% of attendees recommending RCSI programmes to their professional peers and colleagues.

The RCSI Graduate School of Healthcare Management (GSM) is Ireland's only third-level institution dedicated exclusively to developing the leadership, management and educational capacity of health professionals. This strategic collaboration with SEHA reflects the close collaborative partnerships that GSM has built with healthcare systems both in Ireland and internationally.

The design and delivery of GSM programmes are continually enhanced to encompass the latest industry trends, needs and research. They are positioned to deliver insight-rich and interactive learning content, with a flexible and personalised approach that does not interfere with personal or professional commitments.

With a notable presence in Dublin and Dubai, over 1,000 healthcare professionals register annually on GSM's MSc programme, professional diplomas and executive development programmes, focused on leadership, management, innovation, quality and process improvement and patient safety.

RCSI's rewarding collaboration with SEHA continues, with a number of new programmes to be designed and explored for SEHA training plans in 2022.

RCSI is committed to achieving a better and more sustainable future through the UN Sustainable Development Goals.