Clinical leadership during COVID-19

The National Clinical Leadership Centre for Nursing and Midwifery (NCLC), Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD) in collaboration with the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Department of Health (DoH) and the RCSI Institute of Leadership (IoL), are delighted to present  a new webinar series 'Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Leadership during COVID-19: Sharing the Learning', developed in recognition of the significant clinical leadership that was, and continues to be, demonstrated by nurses and midwives during COVID-19, nationally.

The aim of the series is to provide an opportunity for representatives from all nursing disciplines and midwifery services to present and share their clinical leadership experiences, during the pandemic.

The series will consist of nine webinars commencing in September 2020 and will continue until February 2021.

Marie Kilduff, Interim Director, NCLC and Dr Clare Lewis, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer, CNO, DoH in collaboration with colleagues from the RCSI IoL, will facilitate this webinar series.

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In this webinar, we learn how senior nurses and midwife leaders are dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on the health services, professions and themselves as leaders. They also share their vision for the future and how working collaboratively we can harness the important contribution nursing and midwifery will make during the challenging times ahead.

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  • Deirdre Lang, Director of Nursing/National Lead Older Persons Services, Clinical and Integrated Programmes, Office Nursing & Midwifery Services Director
  • Brian Magenniss, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Care of the Older Person, Mater Misericordiae Hospital
  • Claire Noonan, Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Gerontology, Tallaght University Hospital

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  • Fiona Hanrahan, Director of Midwifery and Nursing, Rotunda Hospital, Dublin.
  • Claire Fitzpatrick, CMSp Lactation, Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise
  • Yvonne Moloney, Registered Advanced Midwife Practitioner RAMP Diabetes, University Maternity Hospital, Limerick
  • Carmel Connolly CMMII, Parent Education Services, Saolta University Health Care Group

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