Our partners

The RCSI Graduate School of Healthcare Management has developed a reputation for delivering superior quality provision that makes an impact on healthcare worldwide.

We offer a range of programmes co-designed to suit client requirements and developed to address leadership education and training needs in a targeted and specific manner.

Developing leaders

Our executive development programmes offer innovative, insightful and immersive development opportunities for both current and future leaders, tasked with the planning and delivery of patient care.

Programmes are applied and experiential in nature, exposing participants to new ideas and leadership approaches based on international best-practice, and enable participants to put these ideas into practice in their own professional setting.

A central component of our executive development offering is co-design. Clients co-design their leadership development programmes, identifying individual and group priorities, learning opportunities and inputs.

COVID-19 webinar series

Our collection of webinar series examine leadership for health and social care professionals working in the Irish system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What our clients say

Julie McCarthy

"The programme allowed participants to learn from each other as much as from the subject matter experts. The ability to share experiences and develop a network, reduces the sense of isolation often associated with senior clinical leadership roles."

Dr Julie McCarthy, National Clinical Lead for Clinical Directors Programme and Executive Sponsor