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Leading Digital Health Transformation

Professional Diploma
RCSI Graduate School of Healthcare Management

Why Digital Health Transformation?

The Professional Diploma in Digital Health Transformation is a unique and innovative course designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to identify, champion and lead the adoption and implementation of digital transformation tools in their organisations to benefit patients and health systems.

The healthcare industry is at a pivotal moment as it must build the culture and capability to exploit the opportunities offered by digital healthcare technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, remote diagnostics, 3D printing and virtual care.

Digital tools offer unparalleled opportunities to address growth in demand for more personalised, preventative and patient-empowered health and well-being. However, the adoption of these tools by healthcare providers remains low. This course seeks to empower healthcare professionals to lead the introduction of digital health transformation tools in their healthcare organisations.

This course is suitable for clinicians, interdisciplinary health and social care professionals, healthcare managers and administrators and those working in the wider healthcare sector who wish to influence and lead change in their organisations.


Follow in the path of former students who have embraced 230 years of teaching excellence. Driven by the promise of 'leading the world to better health', RSCI has been at the forefront of international healthcare education since our establishment in 1784 and we have a worldwide reputation for delivering excellent undergraduate and postgraduate health professions education. 

RCSI's singular healthcare focus is evident in our postgraduate programmes, offering innovative, insight-rich and immersive development opportunities for both current and future leaders in healthcare.

"RCSI is focused on education and development in the true sense of the now and in building for the future. The professors, lecturers and all faculty are driven by a passion for their subject matter that can only describe as infectious."

Martin Dunne, Deputy CEO, Lifeline Ambulance Service

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