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The MSc in Advanced Leadership is a fully accredited two-year online master's programme aimed at nurses who wish to advance their academic and professional knowledge and skills in the area of leadership.

This programme welcomes nurses at all levels of their career – from those who aspire to enter management, to nurses in managerial positions who want to develop key competencies and skills. You will develop the confidence and best practice approaches to drive impact as an active member of any healthcare team. 

Throughout the MSc in Advanced Leadership, you will develop an in-depth knowledge of information retrieval, data management skills, referencing skills, systematic reviewing, research implementation and action research skills as well as developing and engaging in research projects and activities across disciplinary boundaries and with academic institutions in leadership.

This fully online programme comprises seven highly relevant modules including core learning modules in clinical specialties; anchor modules including advanced research, advanced leadership and clinical competency and thesis module, where you will undertake a capstone learning project.

Mode of delivery

The programme is delivered through a blend of online content and activities and live interactive sessions, offering a collaborative and supported student experience. You are encouraged to actively participate in the live seminars and activities; however, all live sessions are recorded and can be watched back if you have personal or work commitments.

Our experienced team have the skills, resources and technology to support and guide you, no matter your level of technical ability.


This programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Critically analyse research, relevant knowledge and evidence-based practice.
  • Evaluate the application of clinical judgement to professional leadership practice by utilising evidence-based practice.
  • Apply leadership skills in strategic planning and auditing of services as they relate to nursing practice and integrate learning from the audit process into strategies for the improvement of services.
  • Evaluate the role of teaching and education in the development of professional practice and initiate, implement and evaluate training as appropriate.
  • Analyse the components of clinical governance, patient safety and risk management and demonstrate an understanding of the challenges affecting leadership in nursing and healthcare at the individual and organisational level in an ever-changing healthcare system.
  • Compare and contrast management and leadership approaches.
  • Critically self-evaluate your professional and personal learning needs, while identifying and accepting responsibility for seeking out opportunities for growth and learning.
Module name Credits Assessment method
Advanced Research Methods 10 Assignment
Advanced Leadership - Professional & Clinical 10 Assignment
Advanced Management & Strategy 10 Assignment
Change Management: Theory and Practice 10 Presentation and assignment
Education & Training 10 Presentation and assignment
Contemporary Issues: Clinical Governance, Safety and Risk Management 10 Presentation and assignment
Generating Evidence for Practice 30 Oral assessment, ethics assignment, methodology assignment and systematic review

We are proud to be a recognised University of the National University of Ireland (NUI). All RCSI programmes are accredited by the NUI.

Recognition by Ministries and bodies in other jurisdictions must be determined by the individual applicants.

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