Noel O'Callaghan

Healthcare professionals have faced significant health and wellbeing challenges during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The same is also true of RCSI’s aspiring healthcare professionals – our students, who are experiencing unexpected challenges as they progress along the pathway to becoming leaders in healthcare.

At RCSI, we have always been committed to providing a range of welfare services to students, including support hotlines, counselling, workshops and financial assistance.

However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have seen a 110% increase in demand for mental health services as more and more students are reaching out for support.

Furthermore, because of the pandemic, many students have lost part-time jobs, while others have been impacted financially due to parents losing work. As a result, applications for financial support have increased exponentially as students struggle to pay rent and afford bills.

In response, we have provided additional staff for our student welfare programs and recruited more student and alumni mentors than ever before. Working closely alongside the Students' Union, we have ensured that students have access to online resources 24 hours a day so that no one seeking help need suffer in silence. 

In addition, RCSI staff have rallied to support our students by engaging in fundraising activities that contribute towards the Student Hardship Fund, including our latest collective fitness efforts as part of the #Project6Challenge, which has raised over €6,000. 

However, as demand for services continues to increase, so too does the need to secure additional resources.

By making a gift today, you will help to ensure that we can offer support to all students who need it, allowing us to fulfil our commitment to proactively providing students with the practical tools and interventions to enable them continue on their journey to becoming a healthcare professional.

Noel O’Callaghan, Head of Student Development and Wellbeing

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