Green Campus Initiative

The RCSI Green Campus Initiative is aimed at enhancing sustainability on campus.

In the area of energy, we are committed to:

  • Working towards industry best practice and energy consumption run-rates
  • Continually improving energy-efficiency through a blend of technology and people-based projects via liaison with the IT Department and contractors on ongoing building/construction projects.
  • The procurement of green energy for all future tenders to new and existing sites.
  • Reducing electricity consumption on campus by 2-3% through the continued roll-out of an energy awareness campaign aimed at changing behaviour in all campus buildings.
  • Introducing energy-efficient lighting for all new refurbishments and replacing existing lighting at all sites.
  • Continuing to raise awareness of Green Campus in general and energy conservation in particular through regular announcements to staff and students on energy saving habits in the workplace and College environment.
  • Introducing an out-of-term closure of tutorial rooms to maximise energy-saving.

In the area of biodiversity, we are committed to:

  • Continuing staff and student engagement with RCSI ‘green’ areas with activities to promote biodiversity in these spaces.
  • Continuing greening of urban campus sites.
  • Increasing the awareness and importance of biodiversity among students, staff and the greater community in general
  • Continuing to foster existing biodiversity initiatives in the Foundation Year Curriculum (i.e. Research Summer School) and collaboration with the student Environmental Society.

In the area of waste management, we are committed to:

  • The introduction of a zero landfill policy for all waste disposal.
  • Encouraging and supporting student- and staff-led waste initiatives, particularly in shared buildings through interactive pop-up stands.
  • Engaging with vendors to promote best practice for recycling among the RCSI community by bringing their expertise to on-campus events.
  • Using updated data from waste reporting to highlight improvements and areas for continued attention.

Green Campus committee

RCSI’s Green Campus committee comprises volunteer staff members and students, with every effort made to ensure that the committee is as representative of the campus community as possible.

The ultimate goal for the committee is to obtain An Taisce Green Campus accreditation for RCSI.  

We are committed to:

  • Giving full consideration to the sustainable use of resources in all of its management decisions
  • Raising awareness of environmental matters generally, and encouraging understanding and responsibility in the use of resources within its community and amongst those with which it interacts
  • Consulting appropriately on issues of environmental concern
  • Researching environmental issues through RCSI's academic departments and units
  • Acknowledging its commitment to environmental responsibility through education for sustainability and sustainable resource management.
  • Communicating this policy to agencies providing services to the College and parties undertaking work on behalf of the College.