Kyra O Dwyer

While studying immunology and global health for my masters, I gained invaluable insight into the clinical aspects and mechanisms of human disease. I then trained as an emergency technician and subsequently a healthcare assistant and absolutely loved caring for patients – both emotionally and clinically. Eventually I moved to a role in research, but I knew something was missing. I missed patient contact and the satisfaction of knowing I was helping people.

The physician associate role is perfect for me. The course is incredibly interesting and very fast-paced. The scope of practice is wide and varied and will continue to grow as the PA role does in Ireland. It offers all the aspects of medicine that appeal to me. I’ll be an integrated member of the medical team. I’ll provide continuous care to patients and support to the medical staff. Because of the generalist nature of the role, I feel the opportunities it offers will be endless.

Kyra O’Dwyer, Physician Associate Studies, Class of 2020