Melanie Ryberg

I have worked in many different roles as a clinical psychologist; helping those with traumatic brain injury, supporting adults with a range of mental health difficulties in community and institutional settings and, in my most recent position, leading psychological services in intensive care.

A few years before the pandemic, I began a new role providing care for adults with severe and enduring mental health needs. I was at the table when decisions were being made and services being planned. I found this very meaningful – there were real opportunities to create system change, as well as changes for staff and patients. However, leadership and change management skills are not part of core clinical training and I knew I need to develop these competencies to make a real difference.

I had been looking at the RCSI course for a few years and, when I started it, it came at a time when I was moving to a new role: implementing professional psychological services in critical care in hospitals, in the middle of a global pandemic. The RCSI course was fully online, and this flexibility was really important when I was working full-time and had a young child. I was able to engage with the learning at a time that suited me.

Since concluding the course in 2021, I’ve moved into a leadership position in the clinical domain. Psychological services in intensive care are new to Ireland, so I have been helping to develop this specialism across Ireland. The skills, knowledge and language that I developed during the diploma afforded me the additional lens and language to move things forward. This course has been central.

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