Mustafa Mohamed

I originally studied management information systems and, in 2013, went to work at Alpha Physiotherapy Centre in Bahrain. My background was IT management and cybersecurity, but I didn't really know how to manage a small clinic or a hospital. So in 2018, I decided to enrol in the MSc in Healthcare Management at RCSI. We learned about accounting, how to do research, quality management, strategic planning and much more. I loved the blended methods of learning and the mix of cultures on the course, as well as the different healthcare backgrounds of my fellow students.

We are a small clinic here at Alpha so, unlike a larger hospital, one person can be doing multiple jobs, and the course prepared me for all of that. Because of the grounding we got in strategic planning, I was able to research and develop the changes that I wanted to bring about in our clinic - and now I know exactly what we need to do in the Bahraini market.

The course has given me the resilience and professionalism to bring about continuous improvements at work. I am so grateful to our lecturers and would definitely recommend this course to other people in healthcare.