Sandra Delaney Gorman

Responding to critical incidents in schools as part of my role of as an educational psychologist, placed me on the frontline of, what are often, uncertain, traumatic times in the life of a school community.

To feel competent in my capacity to support school staff to support their students optimally, I decided to undertake the Professional Certificate in Children and Loss.

The depth of knowledge and, at times, heart-wrenching experiential learning stimulated by guest speakers facilitated a journey of self-reflection that helped me re-adjust my lens to the myriad of influences that can impact upon the bereaved child/their family at the time of immediate loss and thereafter.

The therapeutic interventions and strategies provided a scaffold towards recovery that were positive, child-centred and respectful.

I endorse this course unreservedly and believe that death education should be in our vernacular so that we can live in a society that allows us to grieve, talk and remember.

Sandra Delaney Gorman, Professional Certificate in Children and Loss, Class of 2019