Centuries of discipline

Since our inception in 1784, healthcare leaders who have gone on to practice in 98 countries have started their journey here.

Today we are an innovative, world-leading international health sciences education and research university with Undergraduate and Postgraduate schools and Faculties across the health sciences spectrum.

We are the largest medical school in Ireland and one of the most internationally-focused medical schools in the world, with students from over 90 countries and a curriculum that is designed around global best practice.

Centuries of discipline, demanding professionalism, precision, skill and expertise continue to inform our approach.  

Emily Winifred Dickson, the first female Fellow of RCSI, performs an operation in Richmond Hospital, Dublin, circa 1900

We introduce our students to this rich heritage and culture of excellence, giving them an excitingly diverse and academically rigorous experience.

Innovation in education is evident across all of our programmes and the institution as a whole. We have three centres of excellence that have evolved within this environment, pioneering new approaches to health sciences education and best practice. 

This drive to innovate is part of our heritage. Abraham Colles, past president of RCSI, revolutionised the teaching of anatomy, which was traditionally taught one system of the body at a time. Introducing the concept of teaching anatomy through the regions of the body, Colles’ approach led surgeons to take a more holistic view of their patient. This approach influences the teaching of medicine to this day.

Today, RCSI's Department of Anatomy has become the Department of Anatomy and Regenerative Medicine, an amalgamation of an academic department steeped in history with a research department driving cutting-edge discoveries in regenerative medicine.

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