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Equipping healthcare professionals with skills in digital technologies

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To address the skills gap in the healthcare industry and a growing demand on healthcare workers to upskill and develop their knowledge, the RSCI School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, in conjunction with the Health Education Authority, various enterprise partners and leading pharmaceutical companies, provides a programme of small, accredited courses called microcredentials.

The healthcare industry has evolved significantly in recent years with the fusing of traditional science and digital technology.

Microcredentials provide a flexible and accredited way to rapidly upskill and boost career prospects. Students can complete a microcredential as a standalone course or can complete all courses over a five-year period to achieve a postgraduate certificate or diploma

As a University focused exclusively on health sciences, the RCSI microcredentials programme aims to provide healthcare workers with career specific skills and knowledge across five key areas of disease prevention and treatment including:

  • Precision medicine
  • Therapeutic technologies
  • Connected health
  • Leadership and development
  • Artificial intelligence

Seven courses or microcredentials have been developed under these topics. The courses have been designed specifically to address the evolving healthcare environment and ensure students are provided with the most relevant experience and exposure.

Each microcredentials course runs over a four-week period, and students receive five credentials on successful completion.

The microcredentials on offer from RCSI include:

  • Human Genetics and Genomics
  • Leadership and Development
  • Bioninformatics and Biostatistics
  • Contemporary Issues in Healthcare
  • Innovation – Translating the Concept
  • Connected Healthcare
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Healthcare Setting

Find more information on the RCSI microcredentials programme here, or learn more about the work of the RCSI School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences in equipping healthcare professionals with skills in digital technologies.

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This project has been supported by the Higher Education Authority under the Human Capital Initiative, Pillar 3. Grant agreement: 17796884 'Enabling Future Pharma’.

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