In 1995, Penang's state government decided to establish a medical school to meet the healthcare needs of the state's growing population and address its local doctor shortage.

To ensure the quality of education on offer was of the highest standard, the government partnered with medical schools of international repute in the development of the new institution. In October 1996, RUMC (previously Penang Medical College) – a partnership between RCSI and University College Dublin – opened for its first intake of students.

About the programme

The five-year medical programme at RUMC is accredited by both the Irish and Malaysian medical councils. For the first two and a half years of the programme, students are based in Ireland and undertake biomedical and early clinical sciences studies in RCSI or UCD. Upon completion of pre-clinical studies, students return to RUMC in Penang for a further two and a half years where they complete their clinical training.

Successful graduates are awarded medical degrees from the National University of Ireland, receiving the same qualifications as those who complete a full programme in Ireland.

The programme is continuously and rigorously evaluated by professional external examiners from around the world, ensuring that RUMC students receive the highest possible standard of medical training.

One of the main advantages of the programme is that the Malaysian students can undergo their clinical training in the environment in which they will later practice, while benefiting from a comprehensive grounding in the science of medicine in Dublin – in essence, the students enjoy the best of both worlds.

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