Maria Macken

I work at the Mater Hospital in the area of Spinal Surgery and Treatment. My responsibilities include caring for patients on the ward, and assisting in theatre and in the clinic. On any given day, I will be reviewing patients on the wards, following their laboratory and imaging investigations, assisting with patient care technical procedures, discuss patient findings with consultants and members of the team. My activities related to the theatre include listing patients, conducting pre-operative assessments, and assisting in surgery. Specific responsibilities related to spinal patients include arranging transfer to and from National Spinal Injuries Unit (NSIU).

In the clinic, I review and examine new patients and post-op patients, review imaging (X-ray and MRI). All cases are discussed with the consultant and a treatment plan is formulated accordingly. My interactions with patients are quite a big part of my position. I discuss and clarify questions about treatment plans, help them navigate the system, and facilitate appointments and continuity of care by communicating with GPs as needed.

Maria Macken, Physician Associate Studies, Class of 2018