Understanding the equal status grounds

RCSI’s equality, diversity and inclusion work is based on the 10 equality grounds set out below:

  1. Age: A person’s age includes only those over 16.
  2. Civil status: Whether a person is single, married, separated, divorced, widowed, civil partnered or formerly civil partnered.
  3. Disability: A person with an enduring physical, sensory, mental health or intellectual impairment.
  4. Family status: Being pregnant or having responsibility as a parent or relation to a person under 18 years, or as a parent or carer for an adult with a disability.
  5. Gender: A person’s gender identity be it male, female, transgender or non-binary.
  6. Membership of the Traveller community: A recognised ethnic group.
  7. Race/ethnicity: A person’s skin colour, national or ethnic origins.
  8. Religion: A person’s religious beliefs or having none, the term 'religious belief' includes religious background and outlook.
  9. Sexual orientation: A person’s sexual orientation including heterosexual, lesbian, gay and bisexual.
  10. Socioeconomic status: A person’s social and economic background.