Dr Ben LaBrot

Ben is an RCSI alumnus from the class of 2006 and the founder of Floating Doctors.

Founded in 2009, Floating Doctors began as a small project with the goal of bringing healthcare services to isolated areas. Over the last several years, they have grown into an organisation with international recognition that thrives via volunteer engagement, community outreach and education, extensive partnerships with local health organisations and educational systems, and an adaptability that allows them to tailor care to the needs of specific communities.

Since 2009 Floating Doctors have helped over 15,000 patients in some of the world’s most remote villages and now RCSI students are joining Ben and the Floating Doctors team to undertake their clinical electives.

Students arrive at the Floating Doctors base on Isla San Cristobal, a 10-minute boat ride from the town of Las Bocas de Toro (the mouths of the bull). The base is an off grid facility in a mangrove forest, which relies on solar power, rain collection and filtration, and biotreatment of waste. From here our students deploy to the target communities, some of the most remote villages in the world armed only with the supplies in their backpack and their education. 

Floating Doctors give our students a unique clinical experience which undoubtedly shapes the type of doctor that they will become.

You can watch some Floating Doctors videos below featuring Ben and his work.

Emergency Evacuation for Postpartum Hemorrhage

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Gustivino's Fight for Life

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