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RCSI Strategy 2023-2027

RCSI is the highest ranked* university in the world for our contribution to good health and well-being, the third UN Sustainable Development Goal. Everything we do is shaped by our mission: ‘To educate, nurture and discover for the benefit of human health’. Through our new strategic plan we set out a roadmap for how we will enhance our contribution and innovate for a healthier future.
*Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023

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With a strong focus on health and societal impact we will work with others to make a positive and lasting impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities in Ireland and around the world.

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Supporting health and societal well-being

Our commitment to health and societal impact is rooted in our identity as a health sciences-focused institution, recognising the profound influence of healthcare on individuals and communities.

It is our duty to use our expertise to improve both human health and the health of our planet, and to enhance understanding of the link between the two.


Embedding sustainability

The RCSI Institute of Global Surgery is central to our search for research-driven solutions to global health issues, working to improve access to safe surgical care in Africa. 


International communities

Positioned in the heart of Dublin city, strengthening our connections with our local and national communities is important for RCSI and pivotal to advancing healthcare.


Engaging within Ireland

Our tradition of excellence in surgical training continues to be upheld through programmes that evolve with new technologies and changing patient needs.


Training the next generation

We design our training programmes to focus on trainees’ needs, with guidance and support to strengthen their expertise and professional development.


Excellence in surgical training

Education and student success

We are dedicated to addressing healthcare workforce demands and delivering a transformative education. Through our innovative curricula and inclusive university environment, we will prepare students to make a difference for patients.

With our future-focused curricula, we are equipping our students with the skills and confidence to succeed, lead and thrive in all aspects of their lives.


Educating healthcare leaders

At RCSI every student is an individual and their journeys are unique. We provide tailored education pathways to help them achieve their goals.


An individualised focus

Beyond academic studies and rigorous training, the personal growth opportunities available to RCSI students are an integral part of their journey.


A vibrant life on campus

Leading impactful research

We’re advancing our research excellence in key areas, fostering collaboration and accelerating clinical translation. Innovation is essential to this, driving breakthroughs that will address evolving healthcare challenges.

Robust infrastructure is the backbone of delivering excellent research. We’re investing in the tools and supports for our scientists to make a meaningful impact.


Making research discoveries

Complex healthcare challenges require diverse expertise. Collaboration between scientists, industry leaders, patients and clinicians is at the heart of our research.


Solving health challenges

Our research clusters showcase our strengths as well as allowing us to foster specialised expertise and invest in innovative fields of research.


Clusters of research excellence

Creating foundations for sustainable impact

Our commitment to sustainable impact can only be achieved through investment in our people, infrastructure and operations. We are dedicated to integrating equality, diversity and inclusion while providing an enhanced campus and digital facilities.

Sustainable impact will be powered by the RCSI community. By embracing our values and committing to continuous improvement we lay the foundation upon which sustainable impact is realised.


Investing in our people
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