Research collaboration

RCSI is proud of our global connectivity and reach. Our strength in collaboration resonates throughout our research activities and is evident through our multiple RCSI-led European-funded consortia.

RCSI scientists and clinical researchers engage in global networks in various fields of medicine and life sciences. During the period 2016-2020 our researchers collaborated with over 3,000 institutions worldwide, generating over 4,700 scholarly articles, reviews, editorials, books, book chapters and conference proceedings. 60% of our research is conducted with international and industry collaborators.

Our researchers are nurtured and supported in their collaborative efforts and with great success. We have the highest success rate in H2020 to date, compared with other Irish and EU Member State universities, with an average success rate of 25% – awarded 44 out of 173 applications to Feb 2020 (ECORDA data).

We have a growing number of researchers engaged in active public-patient involvement, with patient care and translational research at the centre of our mission. We lead impactful research with a clinical focus through our strong Innovation team, bringing novel therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices to market. Our multiple research centres are a focus of research excellence and cooperation in action.

Discover more about our research strengths here. You can also find details on RCSI principal investigators and open research projects.

If you would like explore any area of research collaboration, please make initial contact with Dr Róisín Moriarty, International Engagement Manager.

RCSI is involved with a multitude of deep and wide-ranging collaborations across the world. 

  • Europe – 47%
  • Asia Pacific – 21%
  • North America – 20%
  • Middle East – 20%
  • Africa – 4%
  • South America – 3%

View a map that shows our collaborative partnerships with a wide range of international institutions across the globe.