Race and ethnicity

RCSI welcomes the increasing ethnic and national diversity of our community, and is committed to equal treatment of all regardless of race.

The University has a long tradition of celebrating cultural diversity and is currently ranked in the top 50 in the world for 'International Outlook' by Times Higher Education. RCSI operates across five international campuses and has 70 countries represented in Dublin.

RCSI race equality statement

In the pursuit of our mission to 'educate, nurture and discover for the benefit of human health’, RCSI is committed to equitable treatment of all, regardless of race or ethnicity. We acknowledge that racism, systemic inequality, and discrimination exists in our society. We reject racial discrimination in all its forms as wrong and fundamentally inconsistent with our mission and values.

Ensuring race equality and addressing discrimination at all levels is a key priority for RCSI. Through the Race Equality Forum, we commit to work collaboratively with RCSI students, staff, trainees and the wider community to create an inclusive environment where we can all reach our full potential, and where every voice is heard, celebrated, and respected.

Race Equality Forum

In January 2021, RCSI convened a new Race Equality Forum. The Forum is comprised of RCSI students and staff. The University is committed to undertaking a comprehensive consultation aimed at informing a dedicated RCSI Race Equality Action Plan. These actions are underpinned by our institutional commitment to EDI. Download the RCSI Race Equality Action Plan here.

Intersectionality Working Group

RCSI is a member of the Intersectionality Working Group, a sub-group of the Athena Swan National Committee. The Working Group served as an expert advisory group to the Higher Education Authority’s Centre for Excellence for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to ensure the played a key role in the inclusion of ethnicity in higher education data collection and the development of survey instruments.

Race equality survey

In December 2020, RCSI endorsed and participated in the first national race equality survey issued by the Higher Education Authority. Race equality data is also collected as part of the annual RCSI EDI staff and student surveys.

HEA Anti-Racism Principles

In June 2023 RCSI signed the HEA Anti-Racism Principles, which aim to ensure that HEIs are leaders of positive change in society, challenging racism and acknowledging and tackling race inequality. By signing these principles, RCSI continues to commit to embedding a culture of race equality within the institution.

Signing HEA Anti Racism Principles

Traveller and Roma Communities Access Programme

RCSI's Traveller and Roma Communities Access Scholarship aims to increase the participation of members from the Traveller and Roma Communities in RCSI's Undergraduate Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Advanced Therapeutic Technologies programmes. This programme commenced in 2006. Further information available on the Undergraduate scholarships page

Research on Traveller ethnicity

In February 2016, RCSI and the University of Edinburgh, published a population-based genetic study which examined the genetic structure of the Irish Traveller community. This study, also featuring researchers from University College Dublin and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, explored the history and structure of the Traveller population in the context of 'settled' Irish, neighbouring European and Roma Gypsy groups. The full study is available here.