Socio-economic status


RCSI participates in the Higher Education Admissions Route (HEAR) which supports socio-economically disadvantaged students. The RCSI Admissions Office manages the HEAR offering with 6% of CAO places on reduced points to HEAR eligible applicants. In addition to the 6% HEAR places, the RCSI Admissions Office stewards a number of access scholarships for CAO school leaver applicants.These scholarships provide reduced points entry, financial support and opportunities for students who might otherwise be unable to attend third level education due to social disadvantage or financial constraints.

Applicants who may require assistance progressing to third level education, whether for social or financial reasons, are invited to apply for:


Established in 2007, the REACH RCSI programme is a unique community outreach and access programme at RCSI, promoting recreation education and community health. The initiative is aimed at encouraging and facilitating third level participation and enhancing life chances for those traditionally underrepresented at third level, particularly those from Dublin's south inner city.

REACH RCSI works in partnership with DEIS primary and post-primary schools, youth and community groups together with the local community on the design and delivery of educational initiatives including Junior and Leaving Certificate Grinds Club, science workshops, sports and health programmes and an education information service.

The volunteer contributions of RCSI staff and students are pivotal to the success of the programme.