Simulation at 26 York Street

Professor Fergal Malone, Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at RCSI introduces Lucina: Ireland’s only 'birthing mannequin' and describes how it is changing the experience for RCSI medical students.

"It is crucial that we can show students how to react and deal with potential complications in a simulated environment first."

– Prof. Fergal Malone

Lucina is RCSI’s maternal and fetal simulator and one of the many cutting-edge teaching tools within 26 York Street: RCSI’s state-of-the-art simulation centre. Lucina, along with other high-fidelity mannequins, provides true-to-life simulated experiences for students across RCSI’s Undergraduate and Postgraduate training courses and ensures that RCSI graduates are highly confident and competent when dealing with a cross section of clinical issues when they begin their careers.

Lucina delivering baby on The Late Late Show

In 2019 Lucina appeared on 'The Late Late Show' – watch her TV debut below. 

The Late Late Show

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