Creating leaders in health

At the heart of RCSI is a commitment to programmes that are focused on unlocking opportunity for truly exceptional individuals with the passion and capability to make a lifelong difference to patient care.

To date, the RCSI_TOMORROW campaign has supported every aspect of this mission. We are now focused on consolidating and expanding critical initiatives to deepen the impact for our students, trainees and researchers.

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Scholarships for Undergraduate students

The RCSI_TOMORROW campaign supports the expansion of RCSI’s scholarship programme, which celebrates excellence, breaks down barriers and unlocks opportunity. We are deeply grateful for the commitment of our Alumni around the world who fund and name scholarships at RCSI. Through our scholarship programme we are:

  • Unlocking opportunity for exceptional students through RCSI’s thriving needs-based 'Aim High' Scholarship programme
  • Attracting the best students by offering competitive ‘Consilio Manuque’ merit-based scholarships
  • Celebrating exceptional sporting achievement through the Moira O’Brien Sports Scholarships

Learn more about the variety of scholarships available at RCSI

Physician associate scholarships

Physician associates (PAs) – a role introduced to Ireland by RCSI – are highly-skilled healthcare professionals who provide a broad range of medical services in a wide variety of workplaces (including all types of hospital and surgical care, GP practices and community health services).

PAs support doctors and surgeons in the diagnosis and management of patients and are trained to perform several roles, including taking medical histories, performing examinations, making diagnoses and analysing test results.

The RCSI_TOMORROW campaign has forged new links between private hospitals and aspiring students in order to open the door to this exciting new role across Irish hospitals.

Learn more about Physician Associates Studies at RCSI.

RCSI is committed to providing opportunities to ignite scientific passion amongst our Undergraduate community. The RCSI_TOMORROW campaign supports the Research Summer School, an eight-week programme in which Undergraduate students participate in cutting-edge research with leading Principal Investigators across RCSI.

Find out more about the Research Summer School at RCSI.

Undergraduate Research

In order to graduate exceptional healthcare leaders able to make a difference across the world, RCSI encourages hands-on experience gained through clinical elective grants to support students as they encounter diverse global health settings in order to build their clinical experience, enhance knowledge and build their CVs in advance of beginning their careers. Learn more about clinical elective opportunities here

Students in hospital

RCSI has a long tradition of excellence in surgical training. Our surgeons, male and female, have over many decades earned leading positions in institutions across the world.

Despite more than 20 years of gender parity among medical graduates, female consultant surgeon numbers in Ireland remain very low. Evidence from other sectors shows that gender diversity within organisations results in better decision-making and surgery as a profession would also benefit by ensuring the unique contribution of male and female surgeons is valued and enabled.

The RCSI_TOMORROW campaign champions the RCSI Women in Surgery Fellowship: a ground-breaking initiative which supports exceptional female surgical trainees as they avail of international fellowship opportunities which lay the platform for exceptional future careers. 

Women in Surgery Fellowship

The Strategic Academic Recruitment (StAR) programme is an ambitious initiative to accelerate the delivery of innovative, impactful research in health sciences across a range of disciplines by attracting the best research talent to Ireland.

Awarded at the highest level on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications, the two-year StAR MD programme supports highly skilled registrars and specialist registrars in early-to-mid career to advance translational research while maintaining clinical practice and gain a highly important MD qualification.

The RCSI_TOMORROW campaign supports the funding and recruitment of these unique posts and builds new relationships with industry partners with shared interests. 

Learn more about the StAR MD programme

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