Curricular programmes

Following on from the embedment of the Mobile Diabetes Unit within the undergraduate nursing programme, the Community Outreach office also runs initiatives in conjunction with the Medical Commencement Programme (MCP) and the Foundation Year stage of the undergraduate medicine programme.

Foundation Year elective

Foundation Year students are offered the opportunity to take part in a six-week/20-hour programme, which seeks to actively engage with local communities. A series of placements are set up with schools, charitable groups or other organisations with the aim of supporting these communities and building interpersonal and communications skills for future healthcare professionals. Upon completion of the placement, students are required to deliver an oral presentation and report based on key learning outcomes.

Medical Commencement Programme (MCP) module

During the Medical Commencement Programme (MCP), students are tasked, in groups, to implement a community project in Bahrain. The project consists of raising awareness about a health theme and supporting fundraising activities for a local charity registered with the Ministry of Labour & Social Development. The aim of the elective is to highlight the importance of supporting communities and building interpersonal and communications skills to assist in students future career as healthcare professionals. Students will be assessed on team work, the content and impact of their project, community insights and presentation accuracy and skills.