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RCSI Bahrain RSS

RCSI Bahrain RSS is designed to introduce RCSI undergraduates to the world of research as their first step in becoming future researchers. The RSS provides undergraduate students across all campuses (Bahrain, Dublin, Perdana and Penang) an opportunity to become involved in research projects during the summer months. In most cases, multiple students are selected for individual projects providing students the opportunity for local, international and interdisciplinary peer collaboration. Students spend approximately 8 weeks of the summer in a non-laboratory, laboratory or clinical setting, working on a research project under the supervision of an RCSI Bahrain supervisor. The college has identified 4 key thematic research areas in which to focus its research energy. These are Cardiovascular and Endocrinology, Oncology, Medical Education and Biosciences. Under these 4 key thematic research areas, the projects may be focused on but are not limited to: Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Physiology, Psychology, Public Health and Epidemiology, Community Care, Private Care, Health Professions Education, Clinical Investigation and Bioethics. At the end of the programme, students are required to submit an abstract to the RCSI Bahrain International Research day and complete and present a PowerPoint poster/oral presentation of their research findings at the conference.


Applying for RCSI Bahrain RSS

I. Advertised projects - Deadline March 16th

Students can apply for PI advertised projects. Students are responsible for ensuring that they meet any requirements stated by the PI's in the projects. To apply, students must complete the below:


1. Complete the above table for each project you wish to apply for. Place all tables into a single word document for submission.

2. Save the word document as your student number (e.g. 18256452) and email to by the closing date.

Submissions which do not adhere to the requirements or are incomplete will not be considered. PIs will not accept applications made directly to them.

PI advertised projects

II. Student driven projects - Deadline March 30th

Interested students may approach a PI with a project idea which will be further developed collaboratively. Students with project ideas should identify an appropriate PI by exploring the research interests and backgrounds of available PIs before contacting PIs directly. Collaboratively, the Project Overview Form II can be prepared. The Project Overview Form II should then be submitted by the PI to by the closing date for evaluation. 


RSS Guidelines

Students should refer to the RCSI Bahrain RSS guidelines document below for further information on the RSS.

RCSI Bahrain RSS Guidelines 2019

Please email for word versions of the appendices listed below


Appendix I - RSS Project Overview Form I

Appendix II - RSS Project Overview Form II

Appendix III - RSS Project End Report


RCSI Bahrain Research Ethics Committee