History of Medicine and Nursing Webinar Series 2021-22

You are invited to the History of Medicine and Nursing Webinar Series 2021-22, hosted by the School of Nursing and Midwifery and the School of Medicine, RCSI Bahrain. 

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The programme is as follows:

Date and Time Webinar Title Speaker

Tuesday, 25th Jan 2022

4pm (Bahrain time)

From Local to Global in Nursing & Midwifery: From Land of Immorality to the World

Research Misconduct

Dr Naeema AL-Ghaseer, WHO Representative, Egypt -  Head of Mission

Dr Fionnuala Mary Gough, Lecturer in Healthcare Ethics, RCSI Bahrain

Tuesday, 8th Feb 2022

4pm (Bahrain time)

History of Infectious Disease and their Consequences

Illness and Decision Making

Professor John Flood, Chair and Professor, Department of Medicine, RCSI Bahrain

Professor Thomas Walsh, Associate Professor in Surgery, RCSI Bahrain

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022

4pm (Bahrain time)

‘A Great Part of Good Nursing’: Infection Prevention, 1858–1988

Cholera in Dublin

Professor Gerard Fealy, Professor, University College Dublin

Professor Gabriel Fox, Consultant Paediatrician, KHUH

Tuesday, 15th March 2022

5pm (Bahrain time)

Historical Development of Nursing Education in India

Professor Nalini Sirala, Professor & Principal, College of Nursing, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, India

Tuesday, 29th March 2022

5pm (Bahrain time)

Historical Development of Military Nursing Services

Dr Fatima Khalil, Nursing Director, Bahrain Defense Force

Tuesday, 17th May 2022

5pm (Bahrain time)

The Nursing Pioneers of Bahrain’s First Hospital – Their Contributions to the Growth of Nursing

Ms Johanna Elizabeth, Chief Nurse, American Mission Hospital

Tuesday, 31st May 2022

4pm (Bahrain time)

The Importance of Historical Development in Nursing: A Closer Review of Rufaida Al-Aslamia

Medical Practice in the Continent of Africa from a Historical Perspective

Dr Mustafa Bodrick, Nurse Consultant & Advisor at Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS), Saadia Arabia

Professor Martin Corbally, Head of Surgery Department School of Medicine, RCSI Bahrain

Tuesday, 16th June 2022

4pm (Bahrain time)

Developing Community Nursing Education & Practice in Bahrain: Historical Lens

Discovery of Insulin

Ms Khadija Khahtani, Member of Bahrain Society for Training and Development 

Professor Naji Alamuddin, Clinical Associate Professor in Medicine, RCSI Bahrain

Each webinar will be followed by a Question-and-Answer Session.

History of Medicine Webinar series 2020-21

During academic year 2020-21, Professor Martin Corbally, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at RCSI Bahrain hosted a Webinar series on the History of Medicine to survey the development of the medical field across the ages and its influence on present-day medical practice. The aim of the webinar series was to emphasise the important lessons to be learned across centuries, the need to constantly question the current status quo and embrace change as an inevitable aspect of the evolution of medicine and surgical practices.

To watch the recordings of this series, please visit the History of Medicine Webinar series 2020-21.