We endeavour to meet the needs of all our users. Please contact our Library Supervisor Dr Bindhu Nair to discuss any needs or concerns you may have with access to Library services.

Orientation Staff can provide customised orientation or tour as required. Please contact Dr Bindhu Nair to arrange a time.
Using e-resources and IT One-to-one training in the use of Library resources can be provided. Please ask at the Information Services Desk (9 am-2 pm, Sunday to Thursday).
ID card All registered users must have current ID card to access the Library or any of the services. If you have questions or concerns please contact Dr Bindhu Nair.
Shelf assistance Library staff can retrieve items from the shelves for you. Please ask at the Information Services Desk in the first instance.
Photocopying and printing The university has outsourced printing and photocopying services that users can access from 7:30am to 7:00pm from Sunday to Thursday. Printing is redirected to a printer in the library after 7pm.
Wyse terminals There are terminals that visitors and users can access in the library. If you need assistance ask at the Information Services Desk.
Room booking Users who require study room space can book the area using the online room booking system.
Literature search The librarians provide basic and advanced information retrieval skills training, personal & group tutorials and consultations whenever you need assistance with your research and use of the Library. Contact Dr Bindhu Nair, Library Supervisor or Ginalyn Aspuria, Assistant Librarian for assistance.
Research assistance Library provides support and consultancy services for researchers. Contact Dr Bindhu Nair, Library Supervisor for assistance.
Document delivery Users who require resources not available in the collection can fill out an inter library loan request. The service is free for all undergraduate students. Postgraduate students will be required to pay 50% of the document delivery charges.
Book purchase Library can order personal copies of textbooks for you. Contact desk staff or Reena Barakat, Acquisitions & Customer Service Coordinator for more details.