Booking Library seats

Library spaces have reopened with restrictions. Users are expected to maintain 1.5 m physical distancing and therefore the number of available spaces are limited. The Library area has two zones - Red and Green Zone.

Red Zone:

Users who require longer study time up to 5 hours can book any seat in the Red Zone.

Green Zone:

Users who require study time up to 3 hours can book any seat in the Green Zone.

How to make a booking:

  1. Logon to 'Find a seat services' and make a booking.
  2. You must use your RCSI Bahrain email id to make a booking.
  3. Plan your booking 8 hours in advance as this will allow time for confirmation of space.
  4. You must bring your confirmation email and your ID when using the Library.
  5. Library staff will check your seat and your ID and a note will be made of your occupied space.
  6. Scan the QR code at the seat before occupying and scan out when you have finished.
  7. Leave your ID card on your desk for staff to check.
  8. You must release the space for others to occupy after your time runs out.
  9. You can make only one booking a day. Multiple bookings cannot be made by a single user.
  10. You are required to follow library policies and health and safety regulations while in the library area.