RCSI Bahrain pays Tribute to the History of Nursing in Bahrain

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RCSI Bahrain paid tribute to the history of nursing in Bahrain by hosting a webinar titled ‘A Century of Nursing History in Bahrain: 1900-2020’, delivered by Nursing Policy and Education Consultant, Ms Batool Almohandis.

The Director of Quality and Academic Development and Interim Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery, and host of the webinar, Dr Kathryn Strachan, commented, “As a former Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery in RCSI Bahrain with more than 50 years of experience in nursing and nursing education, Ms Almohandis has made an invaluable contribution to the nursing profession in Bahrain and the region. Therefore, it is necessary for our students to understand the contributions and achievements made by their predecessors.”

Ms Almohandis, started her presentation by surveying the rise of health services in Bahrain in the late 1800’s and the medical practices that were performed to treat common ailments. Moving to the 20th century, Ms Almohandis highlighted the journeys of the main figures of the nursing field in Bahrain, such as the first Bahraini male nurse, Mr Habib Ghaith, the first Bahraini female nurses, Ms Fatema Al Zayani and Mrs Omaya Al Tajer, who established the first school of nursing in Bahrain in 1959.

With the establishment of the nursing profession in Bahrain, Ms Almohandis covered the past 50 years with an overview of the nursing regulations introduced in the 70’s and 80’s by the Ministry of Health, notable figures in the nursing field, as well as the development of nursing degrees, specialisations and career prospects for nursing graduates.

Attracting more than 50 attendees, the webinar was organised under the guidance of RCSI Bahrain Senior Lecturer in Nursing, Dr Hussain Ali Nasaif, who has a keen interest in the advancement of the nursing profession in the Kingdom of Bahrain. President of RCSI Bahrain, Professor Sameer Otoom stated: “RCSI Bahrain aims to enhance human health in Bahrain through endeavour, innovation and collaboration. Shedding light on the development of the nursing field in Bahrain is crucial for our students to understand how they can contribute to the healthcare system and develop their community as future healthcare leaders.”