RCSI Bahrain announces collaborations in support Bahraini Nurses employment in Private Hospitals

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RCSI Bahrain Meets with Tamkeen and Private Hospitals

RCSI Bahrain is pleased to announce further collaborations with a group of Private Hospitals and the government agency Tamkeen to support the provision of Bahraini nurses in private sector hospitals.

At a recent meeting, representatives from RCSI Bahrain, Tamkeen and a group of Private Hospitals discussed renewing the tri-party collaboration in support of training and employing Bahraini nationals as nurses. During the meeting, it was highlighted that the first batch of 33 RCSI Bahrain nursing students supported by Tamkeen are expected to graduate in June 2023 and pursue their career in private hospitals.

RCSI Bahrain will continue with the clinical placement of nursing students in private hospitals as per the existing agreements. These placements are an opportunity to introduce our students to future employers in the private sector, while also affording the private hospitals the opportunity to develop their staff pipeline with highly trained and competent Bahraini nurses ready to join upon graduation.

RCSI President, Professor Sameer Otoom commented “We are proud to support the National Healthcare programme of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the provision of high-quality nurses to work in local hospital settings. We are pleased to further collaborate with Tamkeen and Private Hospitals in Bahrain who are our key strategic partners in this endeavour. We look forward to further expanding our footprint in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the deployment of RCSI Bahrain student nurses to additional private hospitals in the country where they can positively impact the health outcomes of patients in these hospitals”.

Since the foundation of the School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2006, RCSI Bahrain has trained 953 nurses of which 95% are Bahraini nationals, and 97% of those nurses are currently working in Bahrain. RCSI Bahrain looks forward to further increasing the number of Bahraini nurses available to work in local private hospitals in Bahrain.