RCSI Bahrain Students Commence their Clinical Training

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RCSI Bahrain celebrated the advancement of 319 students (190 from the School of Medicine and 129 from the School of Nursing and Midwifery) into their clinical training years, during the Annual White Coat and White Uniform Ceremonies, held at its campus in Busaiteen.

The ceremonies are symbolic events based around the presentation of the students’ white coats and white uniforms to mark their entry into their clinical training years. The events featured speeches by faculty and senior colleagues, who shared their advice and experiences on their own clinical training. The ceremonies concluded with the students' recital of the professional declaration, through which they vow to maintain professional attitudes and behaviours with their patients, professors, colleagues and community. 

RCSI Bahrain students are immersed in the clinical setting and experience direct patient contact early in their academic journey. With the support of our partner hospitals, our students have the opportunity to learn from highly skilled, jointly appointed RCSI Bahrain and hospital doctors from all over the world, which provides them with the skills needed to transform into competent work-ready graduates. As a health sciences University, the principle of patient care is embedded into RCSI Bahrain’s teaching and curriculum, creating graduates who will make a positive impact in healthcare in Bahrain and beyond.