RCSI Medical University of Bahrain hosts Annual Health Awareness Awards Art Competition

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On Tuesday, 20th February, RCSI Bahrain was delighted to welcome 34 students from several government schools with their accompanying teachers and students from private universities to participate in this year’s Health Awareness Art competition. The competition is part of a longstanding collaboration between the University and the Ministry of Education.

Representing the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Council at the event were Dr Farzana Al-Maraghi, Assistant Secretary-General at the Higher Education Council, and Mrs Alaa Isa Abdulrazzaq Qassim Al Qahtani, from the Ministry of Education.

The Health Awareness Awards Competition, launched in 2014 and organised by the Community Engagement Office with the support of volunteer students, is held annually on campus and was developed to promote awareness among school and university students about important health issues, cultivate the students’ creativity and empower them to become health advocates in their communities.

Students from all levels participated enthusiastically in the artistic competition, with primary schools creating artworks on ‘Safety on the roads, while intermediate schools covered the theme of ‘Hazards of smoking and vaping’ in their artistic pieces. Students from Secondary school were given the theme of ‘Obesity and importance of healthy diet and exercise’, while university students created artworks under the theme of ‘Clean environments and renewable energy’.

A committee will review the competition entries, and three winners from each category will be hosted for an award ceremony at the end of the academic year.

We extend our congratulations to all participants and our sincere gratitude and thanks to the Ministry of Education for their collaboration and support.